Swiftbond is a contract manufacturer in nutritional food supplements, specialising in manufacturing cutting edge supplements focused on personal health and lifestyle, wellness, beauty and sports nutrition. 

Meanwhile,Swiftbond is your go-to partner if you are looking for nutritional ingredients of best quality and most competitive price.

Over 10 years’ experience manufacturing in food supplements.

China Based Contract Manufacturing For Bespoke And Private Label Supplement Products



  • One-stop solution

    One-stop solution

    Swiftbond provides a range of proven one-stop solutions specifically designed to help our clients develop new products and get to market faster.

  • Quality is always paramount

    Quality is always paramount

    We ensure your quality and safety.

    For us, quality is a constant motivation, not a destination. Swiftbond fully appreciates the strict controls needed when it comes to quality management – from the sourcing of raw materials, along the entire supply chain, to the end market.

Our Advantage

  • Advantage

    Our staff have more than 10 years’experience in food supplements & food additive supplement products. We focus on honesty, integrity and professionalism. Besides our deep understating of the nutritional market, we are also capable of dealing with business in different cultures.

  • Advantage

    We have professional team to offer products support, technical service and market information. Our reputation helps our business grows much faster among competitors.

  • service

    We offer 24/7 service to our client.

Our Passion

We at Swiftbond believe in customer satisfaction.

Our passion is to be a solid partner and a reliable supplier. We care, we listen and we accompany our clients throughout the whole process of development, market launch and serial production. Our after-sales services have always been greatly appreciated.

We serve our clients on the spot and around the clock. No matter where you are located, we make sure to be always available, adapting our schedule to your time zone.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide outstanding quality and service so that we can provide ingredients for a healthier society and make every customer come one step closer to their ultimate goal.

We are committed to improve our operations and enhance our customers' satisfaction level by delivering quality, service and timeliness at the highest standard.

Supporting Your Success

We cannot be successful unless you are successful. So, as your nutraceutical solutions partner, our sole focus is to ensure your business flourishes.

You can rely on us to support you by:

  • Keeping a forward-thinking approach and developing new technologies for growth

  • Providing quality products according to your exact specifications

  • Developing customized products that match your needs

  • Providing ready-to-go formulation

  • Delivering products in either bulk or retail packaging