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Marigold Extract


Product Name:

Marigold Extract




Lutein5%~90%HPLC Powder
Lutein 5%~20% HPLC Beadlets
Water-dispersible 5%~10%granulate
Lutein Oil 10%~20%
Lutein CWS 5%


Light Red Powder


Product Name: Marigold Extract

Latin Name:Tagetes Erecta

Active Ingredients: Lutein

Family: Compositas

Part of Plant Used: Flower

Testing Method: HPLC/UV

Molecular Formula: C40H56O2

Molecular Weight: 568.87



Marigold flower belongs tocompositae family and tagetes erecta. It is an annual herb and widely plantedin Heilungkiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan , etc.The marigold weused comes from Yunnan province. Based on the local situation of special soilenvironment and lighting condition , the local marigold have characteristicslike growing fast,long flowering period ,high productive capacity and adequatequality.Thus, the steady supply of raw materials, high yield and reduction ofcost can be guaranteed.



•  Protect eyesight

* Lutein is one of basis inlens and retina of the eye, can prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD),and improve eyesight.

* Prevent blindnessresulted from AMD. In 1996, USA suggested that aged people of 60-65 shouldreinforce Lutein 6 mg per day.

* Protect cells againstthe damaging effects of free radicals and/or as a filter in light sensitivetissues such as the eye macula, lens and retina that protect eyes against UVradiation from light and computer.

•  Alleviate Age PigmentDegeneration in human body and anti-lipid peroxidation by antioxidation.

•  Adjust blood-fat,prevent low density lipoprotein against antioxidation, and thereby alleviatecardiopathy.

Packaging and Storage

Packing: Packing in paper drum and two plastic-bags inside.  

Net Weight: 25kg/drum. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature and no direct sun light

Shelf Life: 2 years.


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